Spring Seed Wine Co Cockscomb Cabernet Sauvignon McLaren Vale SA Case 12 x 750ml

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  • Spring Seed Wine Co - Cockscomb Cabernet Sauvignon (Case Sale) | Harris Farm Online
  • Spring Seed Wine Co - Cockscomb Cabernet Sauvignon | Harris Farm Online

Spring Seed - Cockscomb Cabernet Sauvignon  - McLaren Vale SA



The Cockscomb is made in a very similar fashion to the Bosworth Cabernet Sauvignon – pretty traditional in every way. The grapes are harvested and then crushed and fermented in various open vessels. The juice is pumped over the ‘cap’ (the mass of skins which floats to the top during a ferment) to extract colour, flavour and tannin. We use both French and American oak to mature the wine in, but Cockscomb spends considerably less time in oak, and we use less new oak, too as compared to the Battle of Bosworth CS.

Tasting Note

Cabernet is very much the poor cousin in McLaren Vale to Shiraz, and it really shouldn’t be. The Vale makes cracking cabs – they have ripe tannins and although they can show herbal characters, the tannins are never green, or unripe. You will find blue fruits (violets and red currants) on the Cockscomb’s nose. Both nose and palate are bright and fresh. There are nice tannins and the wine has a great length; i.e. you can taste it in your mouth for a long time after you have swallowed it. Super!


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