Spirited Sparkling Rum and Smoked Cola Case 24 x 250ml

$98.00 ea

Spirited Sparkling Rum and Smoked Cola Can

Spirited Beverages are a small Tasmania producer of both fine spirits and mixers. They make everything that goes into our premium pre-mix cans. We focus on quality and sustainability.

All of their products are ultra-low in sugar. They want you to taste the spirits accentuated by the subtle flavours of our mixers, using natural flavours and nothing artificial to ensure a high-quality product. The cans are recyclable aluminium, the packaging is recyclable cardboard, the shipping cartons are recycled cardboard and the tape on them is biodegradable.

Our rum is an exotic spirit – dark and full bodied – enhanced by the depth of Southern Ocean Soda’s Smoked Cola for a sophisticated take on a beverage tradition. Our Smoked Cola is dramatically lower in sugar than traditional versions and contains no artificial colouring, so be prepared for a clear beverage surprise. We use a gum smoke for a uniquely Australian flavour.

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