Spiral Foods Wasabi Paste 43g

$5.59 ea

Spiral Foods Wasabi Paste

Perfect to serve with sushi and a great addition to sauces and dressings.


Japanese wasabi (Wasabi japonica), Sweet potato syrup (sweet potato), Green Pea fiber, Rice oil, Sea salt, Water, Tapioca dextrin, Ume Brine (Ume plum, salt), Mustard oil

Nutritional Information
Average quantity per serving 6g 100g
Energy 60kJ 989kJ
Protein <1g 1.5g
Total fat <1g 9g
-Saturated <1g 1.7g
Carbohydrates 2g 33.9g
-Sugar <1g 15g
Fibre <1g 6.6g
Sodium 200mg 3338mg


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