Spice and Co Spanish Spice Mix 45g

$3.29 ea

Spice and Co Spanish Spice Mix


Spanish Sweet Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Chilli, Allspice, Cumin, Coriander, Oregano, Fennel, Rosemary, Garlic Pepper and Sea Salt.

Uses and Ideas!

Spanish Mix combines the new world spices like paprika, chilli and allspice with fragrant spices like cumin and coriander. perfect for easy and inspired entertaining with family and amigos!

Use as a base for paella with Spice & Co Saffron or a Basque style fish soup. Add to tapas dishes like patatas bravas (spiced potatoes), garlic prawns or spicing up a Spanish omelette or tortilla. To make snacks add spice mix to breadcrumbs and coat - green olives, zucchini sticks etc before frying golden. Add mix to chicken thigh to make Andalucian Pinchitos with chorizo and yellow capsicum and the marinated chicken pieces threaded onto skewers.

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