Southern Grain Premium Grain Fed Beef MB2 Flank Steak 350-600g

$20.99 ea

Southern Grain Premium Grain Fed Beef MB2 Flank Steak

Working closely with local southern feedlots who have access to genetically superior British-bred cattle to help ensure our grain-fed beef is exceptional.
Grain feeding in the southern regions, due to the cooler conditions increases the welfare of the cattle throughout its lifetime at the feedlot, helping to maintain the quality of meat.
With a minimum of 100 days of grain feeding, the beef is processed at their state-of-the-art and export-registered processing establishment in Dandenong with access to most major markets globally.

Good beef takes time!


This product is variable weight. The actual weight of the product can vary between the weights shown.

When you place your order you will be charged the price of the upper weight, however, when your order is picked we will update the actual weight and price and refund any discrepancies.

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