Somerdale Wensleydale and Blueberries 150-300g

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  • Somerdale Wensleydale and Blueberries | Harris Farm Online
  • Somerdale Wensleydale and Blueberries 150-300g

Somerdale Wensleydale and Blueberries

Light and creamy, with a hint of sharpness, Wensleydale is a perfect partner for fruit and Blueberries are no exception.

Juicy Blueberries add a little sweetness along with a touch of tartness which perfectly complements the Wensleydale cheese.

These flavours are locked in by coating the wheels in a generous wax seal, deep blue in colour, enhancing the appearance.

Wensleydale is one of the oldest British cheese varieties with records showing Cisercian Monks producing it as far back as 1150. It was originally made with sheep’s milk but over time, the formula changed to use cow’s milk, as is the case to this day.

Somerdale Wensleydale & Blueberries makes for a great dessert cheese but is so well balanced that it stands well on its own and makes a great addition to a cheese board.

For drinks pairings, this cheese would favour a crisp white such as a Sauvignon Blanc, or a bubbly Prosecco. For red wines, try a Malbec or Pinot Nior.

Lovers of beer should not ignore this cheese as it also partners well with authentic wheat beers.

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