Santa Vittoria Soda Water 4 x 200ml

$5.99 ea

The Santa Vittoria Soda Mixers range is the perfect complement to a wide range of cocktails and other mixed drinks. Packaged in premium 200ml rough finish glass bottles and sourced from Italy. Available in 4 delicious flavours, this product comes in clusters of 4.

Soda water

Santa Vittoria soda water is containing all natural flavours without preservatives this product is perfect as an on-premise mixer complimenting all spirits and cocktails. Santa Vittoria’s soda water is highly carbonated with a low sodium content of 1mg/100ml delivering a crisp invigorating taste that’s clean on the palate.  The product combines the delightful sensation of a sparkling soda and revitalising qualities of water.

Key Facts

  • Italian mineral water bottled at the source in northern Italy
  • Choice of award winning restraunts, hotels and café icons
  • Lightly carbonated, perfectly suited for fine dinning
  • Voted best still and sparkling mineral water
  • Santa Vittoria offset carbon emissions generated for the importation of Santa Vittoria mineral water into Australia and NZ

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