Coolibah Salad Baby Mixed Leaves Organic 120g

$5.99 ea
  • Baby Salad Leaves Organic  | Harris Farm Online
  • Baby Salad Leaves Organic | Harris Farm Online

Baby Salad Leaves Organic

This unique colourful combination features a full range of baby salad leaves from the sweetness of cos to the savoury bite of radicchio. Salad mixes have become a staple of healthy eating in our modern world. The original French Mesclun, meaning “mixture”, was a traditional combination of chervil, arugula (roquette), leafy lettuces and endive in equal proportions. Coolibah Herbs has refined this product from its early development to reflect changing seasons and maintains a fresh combination of salad leaves all year round. They have also adapted the blend to cater for popular taste preferences. It provides many essential nutrients for health and is also a very good source of dietary fibre.

Organic farming involves much more than not using chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Organic farming helps to minimise any negative impacts on the environment, maintaining biodiversity of the ecosystem whilst also delivering a nutritious product.

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