Ruby Wednesday Gin Seasonal Citrus and Lemon Gin 500ml

$64.00 ea

Ruby Wednesday Gin Rose Petal and Strawberry Gin

Ruby Wednesday gin, established in 2019, is a bespoke hand-crafted spirit batch distilled just down the road from Cronulla Beach Sydney Australia.

Our Gins are teeming with aromatic flavours and our secret ingredient is simple: our indigenous organic botanicals which are second to none. Consider this. Some botanicals come from century old trees, so potentially our gins have captured 100

years of sunlight – now, that’s nature’s exotic spirit waiting to be discovered in each bottle, truly worth sharing with friends and family.

In our eye’s Stiflers Mom (our 21st-century distilling equipment) produces world-leading gin. She has lovingly created a wide variety of gins out of traditional and handpicked botanicals as well as from citrus fruit fresh off the trees.

Ruby Wednesday Distillery also brings you Harrison’s cut, a limited release oak barrel gin individually numbered for a uniquely exquisite gin-drinking experience.

From our farm on the beautiful Southern Tablelands to the breath-taking coast of Australia, a great journey has taken place so come along with us and, of course, Stifler’s Mom for the ride.

Zesty and sharp, tangy flavours trigger an inviting, warm sensation of strolling through the sun-drenched citrus groves. The 2020 harvest of Tangerines and Pomelo picked fresh off the trees are complemented by lemon myrtle and a hint of Tasmanian pepper berry.

2022 Australian Gin awards BRONZE – CLASSIC DRY CATEGORY. Seasonal Citrus & Lemon Myrtle

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