Ruby Wednesday Gin Aniseed Myrtle and Star Anise Gin 500ml

$64.00 ea

Ruby Wednesday Gin Rose Petal and Strawberry Gin

Ruby Wednesday gin, established in 2019, is a bespoke hand-crafted spirit batch distilled just down the road from Cronulla Beach Sydney Australia.

Our Gins are teeming with aromatic flavours and our secret ingredient is simple: our indigenous organic botanicals which are second to none. Consider this. Some botanicals come from century old trees, so potentially our gins have captured 100

years of sunlight – now, that’s nature’s exotic spirit waiting to be discovered in each bottle, truly worth sharing with friends and family.

In our eye’s Stiflers Mom (our 21st-century distilling equipment) produces world-leading gin. She has lovingly created a wide variety of gins out of traditional and handpicked botanicals as well as from citrus fruit fresh off the trees.

Ruby Wednesday Distillery also brings you Harrison’s cut, a limited release oak barrel gin individually numbered for a uniquely exquisite gin-drinking experience.

From our farm on the beautiful Southern Tablelands to the breath-taking coast of Australia, a great journey has taken place so come along with us and, of course, Stifler’s Mom for the ride.

Aniseed Myrtle is a rare Australian bush food invoking childhood memories of sucking on a liquorice twist. Teeming with familiar flavour and uniquely balanced with star anise and Tasmanian pepper berry, this combination arouses a gentle yearning for the cherished days of being young. Pairing with our unique take on a classic Negroni for a relaxing Sunday afternoon drink.

2022 Australian Gin awards BRONZE – CLASSIC DRY CATEGORY. Aniseed Myrtle & Star Anise.

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