Royal Line Coconut Cream 400ml

$1.69 ea
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  • Royal Line Coconut Cream | Harris Farm Online


Royal Line


Royal Line Coconut Cream is the dairy Free alternative to milk products in most preparations such as entrees, main courses, dessert and sauces. Royal Line coconut cream is the ideal ingredient for curries, rice, custard, ice cream, cream pie, cream cakes, biscuits and candies. - Health benefits: - Has no added sugar - Free from dairy content - Cholesterol & gluten free - Suitable for diabetics - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans - No preservative added


- Coconut Extract
- No Added Sugar
- Dairy Free
- Cholesterol & Gluten Free
- Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans


Shake well before use.

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Royal Line Coconut Milk 400ml

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