Remedy Organic Kombucha Peach 4 x 250ml

$5.50 ea
  • Remedy Organic Kombucha Peach 4 x 250ml
  • Remedy Organic Kombucha Peach | Harris Farm Online

Remedy Organic Kombucha Peach

Life’s a peach with this delicately luscious little number. 

There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of a ripe summer peach. Well pucker up, coz we’ve bottled real ripe peach in a deliciously healthy kombucha concoction, so you can channel those good summer vibes all year round. Delicately luscious, fizzy and refreshing, this kombucha concoction pairs the real taste of ripe peach with just the right balance of sweet and sour. Close your eyes and take a whiff. You might think you’ve landed smack bang in a farmers’ market peach stall. There’s no mistaking that sweet aromatic fragrance. Now steel yourself for a sip and say so long to your old unhealthy fizzies. This little beauty isn’t just pretty as a peach. It’s the real deal.

Kosher (Certified by KAUST)

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