Pure Good Bars - Protein Bar - Cocao Orange (40g)

$3.49 ea

Pure Good Bars have a passion for pure flavours, superfoods and healthy living. They believe that life should be lived to the fullest. Eating a healthy, balanced diet full of nutritious wholefoods is the way to go.

  • Raw fruit & nut bar
  • Vegan and gluten, wheat & dairy free
  • Preservative-free

Cacao and Orange: Take the rich, chocolaty aroma or pure cacao, add a hint of orange, and you have yourself a bite-sized piece of heaven.

What I'm made of?
Raw cashews
Organic Ground Coffee
Organic Raw Cacao
Organic Vanilla
Organic Coconut Oil

Nutrient Per serve Per 100g
Energy 642 kJ/152cal 1610 kJ/380cal
Protein 3.0g 7.6g
Fat Total 6.0g 15.1g
Fat Saturated 1.3g 3.3g
Carbohydrate Total 20.4g 51.1g
Carbohydrate Sugars 18.7g 46.6g
Sodium 6mg 16mg
Gluten Nil detected Nil detected

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