PhycoHealth Corn Chips with Seaweed 180g

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PhycoHealth Corn Chips with Seaweed

Snack with a good conscience and share a bag with your friend to get: your micronutrients in a fun way.

By reading from our research on micronutrients from seaweed here you can see that with 5g seaweed in 100g of Sea Cs you would get at least:

  • 50% of your selenium RDI
  • 35% of your iodine RDI
  • 33% of your boron RDI
  • 10% of your iron RDI
  • 22% of your manganese RDI
  • 17% of your magnesium RDI

This is from the seaweed component only and there will be some additional trace components in the Australian corn.

Further there are good levels of lutein and zeaxanthin pigments and gut fibre.

All of our ingredients are Australian made, non-GMO and of the highest production quality.

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