Pfeiffer Muscat Rutherglen VIC 500ml

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Pfeiffer Rutherglen Muscat

Aromas of rich, raisined fruit greet the nose. The palate is one of luscious fruit, with a lovely long finish.


Grapes Brown Rutherglen Muscat

Vintage NV - Average Age 5 years old

Seal Screw Cap

Reviews James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2019

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2018

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2017

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2016

Lisa Johnston, The Pfeiffer's Sticky Rutherglen Story,, 3rd December 2013
"The average age of the muscat in this bottle is five years so this is the lightest in texture and flavour. This sweet muscat has a more honeyed appeal to the raisin, ginger and caramel and zest characters. It has a similar sweetness level to a botrytis dessert wine with just under 200 grammes/Litre of residual sugar. A great wine to enjoy with lighter desserts such as crème brulee and warm golden syrup steamed sponge pudding."

Jane Faulkner, The Age Life & Style - The Good Life Food & Wine, 31st August 2013
"Fortifieds are still the jewel in the Australian wine crown because their complexity and deliciousness are second to none and they are ridiculously low in price. This Pfeiffer Muscat is a fresher style with an average age of about five years. It's bright amber in colour with just a tinge of orange. It has a heady aroma of muscat fruit plus raisins, fruitcake, burnt toffee and zest. While rich and luscious, it doesn't appear overly sweet. If you want a special gift, check out the older Muscats such as those labelled Rare or Grand."

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2014

Australian Wine Showcase Magazine, August 2013 Edition

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2013

Tony Keys, Angullong, Chapel Hill, Caillard, Grant Burge, Pfeiffer & All Saints,, April 2013
91/100 "Light for muscat, but that’s not an issue. Post tasting, I popped an ice cube in a glass of it and it was lovely. This wine only carries an average four years of age, which accounts for its lightness, but it has been made with skill from quality material."

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2012

Kate Gibbs - Sommelier Laiana Ryan, The Perfect...Christmas Treat, Sunday Life - The Age, 2nd December 2012
"A luscious wine with an explosion of Christmas pudding flavours and caramelised sugar."

Alex Berry, Weekend News, 31st December 2011
This wine is simply Christmas in a glass and I thank you Robyn Pfeiffer for that description – it’s so appropriate. Luscious, sweet raisined flavours of sultanas, walnut, fruit cake and toffee combine with rancio characters skillfully blended and mingled with a little spice and nutmeg thrown in there. It’s so easy to drink and evolves in the mouth with layers of fruit, even after being swallowed. You have to try it straight from the freezer in summer – it’s even more delightful. Try with a platter of dried fruits, nuts and some blue cheese. It is definitely value for money.”

David Sutherland, The Border Mail, 9th December 2011
Rutherglen Muscat is one of the great Christmas wines of the world, with its beautiful plum pudding and raisin flavours. For the technically minded, the wine is sweet – 226g/l of sugar! Fruity, floral, raisin-like and sweet, but with a touch of dryness on the end. With food: versatile with desserts and cheese.”

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2010

Jeni Port, sunday Life, The Sunday Age Magazine, December 2008
The youngest muscats from this region are classified “Rutherglen”, and blended from material between two and five years old. This grapey style is rich and full. Try it with almond tart.

Ralph Kyte-Powell, Epicure, The Age, December 2008
UNCORKED’S Christmas wine ideas last week left out a Christmas pudding wine. Here it is, bargain priced Rutherglen Muscat of about four years average age. Delectable candied muscatel and glace cherry aromas of great purity, and the palate follows the theme; sweet with some spirit cut, good depth and a long tangy finish.”

Awards 100 BEST AUSTRALIAN WINES 2017 : Matthew Jukes 2017 | Edition 14
FINALIST: George Mackey Trophy – AWBC Exports
PLATINUM TROPHY: Nova Scotia Port of Wines Festival 2006
GOLD: Victorian Wines Show 2017
GOLD: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2013
GOLD: Riverina Wine Show 2012
SILVER: Cowra Wine Show 2018
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2018
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2017
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2017
SILVER: Cowra Wine Show 2017
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2016
SILVER: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2016
SILVER: Riverina Wine Show 2016
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2016
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2015
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2013
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2013
SILVER: Cowra Wine Show 2013
SILVER: Australian Wine Showcase Magazine 2013
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2012
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2012
SILVER: Cowra Wine Show 2012
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2011
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2010
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2010
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2008
BRONZE: Ballarat Wine Show 2018
BRONZE: Riverina Wine Show 2018
BRONZE: Riverina Wine Show 2017
BRONZE: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2015
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2015
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2014
BRONZE: Riverina Wine Show 2014
BRONZE: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2014
BRONZE: Le Concours des Vins du Victoria 2014
BRONZE: Victorian Wines Show 2014
BRONZE: Cowra Wine Show 2014
BRONZE: Ballarat Wine Show 2013
BRONZE: Riverina Wine Show 2013
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2011
BRONZE: Cowra Wine Show 2011
BRONZE: Ballarat Wine Show 2011
BRONZE: Hot Climate Wine Show 2010
BRONZE: Brisbane Fine Wine Festival 2009
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2009

Winemakers Comments Each year Muscat grapes are havested at high sugar levels.  This wine is then transferred into barrels and casks of different volumes (generally for anything between 2 and 5 years for this Rutherglen classification).  These parcels are then blended to produce youthful, fresh wines some some complexity and concentrated flavours.

The Pfeiffer Rutherglen Muscat is a fine example of this classifiction and displays floral and raisin fruit and a rich, luscious palate.

Partners Jennies Raisin and Muscat Tarts
Mollies Muscat Poached Fruits 
Victoria's Chocolate Whiskey Cake

Cellar Enjoy this young Muscat now.

Allergens Preservative (220) Added.

Technical Details Res Sugar 199.6 g/L
pH 3.72
TA 4.70 g/L
Alcohol 18.0% v/v

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