Pet Food Australia Dog Kibble Turkey 2.5kg

$29.99 ea

Pet Food Australia Turley Kibble

Before changing the lives of thousands of dogs with these remarkable ingredients, the founders of Pet Food Australia, Lee & Fiona, had been helping dogs for decades. 

After growing up with canines, then opening an animal shelter, followed by a boarding kennel in the early 2000’s, they often had dogs brought in with poor health. Yet when the owners returned…

They had less itching and scratching, their coat was shinier, they enjoyed more energy, and their behavioural issues had all but disappeared.

People kept asking “what did you do” and a large percentage of their secret boiled down to the food.

That’s why, when they decided to create Australia’s first dry dog food with Hemp Seed Oil, they didn’t leave anything to chance.

They refused to use cheap ingredients (like rice, wheat, sunflower oil or cereal and meat byproducts) or pinch pennies.

And it wasn’t until after 18 months (and dozens of trials) they were happy with the formula of this all-Australian protein.

Since then, this hypoallergenic dog food formula has given thousands of dogs a new lease on life.

It’s the ingredients we add to it that make it exceptional.

With superfoods including hemp seed oil, blueberries, spinach and ore (and all the nasties removed, including grains, fillers and everything artificial) your pooch will be brighter, happier, and even more excited for meal times.

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