Paesanella Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese 110g

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Paesanella Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

Buffalo mozzarella is made from the milk of the water buffalo, which was said to have come to Southern Italy around the 6th century. According to legend, this type of cheese was actually discovered inadvertently when some cheese curds fell into a pot full of hot water in a cheese factory in Naples.

Since water buffalo milk is too rich to drink, it was perfect to be made into cheese. Included in the first cookbooks in 1570, we could not be happier with how far this accidental cheese has come.

What is Buffalo Mozzarella?
This semi-soft Italian cheese seems to be everywhere - you will find it on pizzas, dishes in restaurants and easily in any store. Fresh mozzarella can’t be found just anywhere though.

How Do We Make It?
Mozzarella comes right from cheese curds, which is why it is called mozzarella in the first place. “Mozarre” means “cut off” after all, just like how the curd is cut. Paesanella uses only fresh Australian Buffalo milk from Victoria and Queensland that they pasteurize and process in their factory in Marrickville.

Ideas with Recipes
You have no doubt seen any number of recipes which include buffalo mozzarella cheese. This high moisture cheese is soft and has a great texture for cooking.

Paesanella fresh mozzarella will go great with sliced tomatoes, basil and extra virgin olive oil. However, if you are cooking it, try it with lasagna or other pastas. Of course, do not forget to use a little bit on pizza too.

Without a doubt, you will find buffalo mozzarella anywhere. However, just because you will easily find it in stores does not mean they are quite at the quality we make at Paesanella. Here, we make fresh cheeses every day and are committed to giving you that little taste of Italy without having to go too far.

Stop by for a visit and try a little bit of our buffalo mozzarella for yourself.

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