Off Leash Dog Treats Beef and Mixed Vegetables 250g

$22.50 ea

Off Leash Beef and Mixed Vegetables Gourmet Dog Treats

Premium beef and fresh mixed vegetables naturally air-dried for a healthy snack or reward on the go. Mixed vegetables are a rich source of vitamins A, B6, C and K, protein, iron and calcium. Full of fiber but low in calories, this treat will help your pup stay full for longer.

Fresh, natural ingredients without cereals or binders
Air-dried, not cooked or processed
Rich source of protein, essential vitamins, potassium and iron

Packed with protein and complex carbs
Full of fiber, protein and complex carbs, your pup will stay full for longer – a single treat will satisfy a medium breed!

Trusted national meat supplier
As a trusted meat supplier to national brands, they use premium lean meat fit for humans in our dog treats. Only the best for your pup!

Natural, air-dried ingredients
No processing here! They air dry premium raw meat and fresh veggies to create a crunchy, nutritious treat you won’t need to keep in the fridge. Perfect for snacks and rewards on the go!

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