Nutty Bay Cultured Butter 170g

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Nutty Bay Cultured Butter

All Nutty Bay products are gluten free, dairy free, organic, probiotic and vegan! Get to know our products & flavours a little more intimately.

Activated Cashews*, Filtered Water, Coconut oil*, Culture, Sunflower Oil*, Salt, Soy Lecithin*, Lemon*, Turmeric*. *Denotes Organic

Taste & pairing
The creamy vegan alternative to your everyday butter. Can be used as a substitute in any recipes containing butter .. sweet or savory Or just use it on your toast in the mornings .. the possibilities are endless.

Sizes & storage
Available in: 170g, 1kg bulk service, 2kg bulk service. Please keep refrigerated.

Per 100g: 2050kj, carb total 7.6g, sugar 2.6g.

Our cashew based vegan butter has much less 'artery-clogging' saturated fat than regular dairy butter, helping to lower cholesterol.

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