Nice Pickles Table Pickle 500g

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  • Nice Pickles Table Pickle 500g | Harris Farm Online
  • Nice Pickles Table Pickle 500g

Nice Pickles Table Pickle

Nice pickles take on a classic giardiniera. Crunchy spring vegetables in a special blend of spices.

Perfect on a cheeseboard with terrine or aged cheddar. Use as an appetizer, in salads or as a side. Dice to add a briney crunch to hot dogs, sandwiches & burgers.

Don't waste that brine! Splash its acidity through guacamole and dressings.

Carrot, Cauliflower, Fennel, Capsicum, Celery, Green Tomatoes, Brine (White Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Salt), Jalapeno (or Habanero for Extra Hot variety), Spices 

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