Murray River Smokehouse Smoked Turkey Breast 150g

$10.99 ea

Murray River Smokehouse Smoked Turkey Breast 

Premium Free Range Turkey breast, cured using our original and natural cure recipe and then hot smoked over local Australian Hard Wood. The other, white meat Turkey has a taste all its own. Naturally sweeter and finer textured than Chicken, Smoked Turkey Breast is a delightfully different flavour and works well in antipasto and on sandwiches…for example Smoked Turkey with blue cheese and caramelized onions as a toastie, simply wonderful. Ready to eat.

Ingredients – Premium Australian Free Range Turkey (96%), Sea Salt, Barbadosa Cherry, Fermented Celery, Nothing Else.

Synthetic Nitrite Free – Gluten Free – Sugar Free

Keep produce Refrigerated below 5 degrees

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