Monster Sports Muesli 700g

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  • Monster Sports Muesli 700g
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Health Food Co.


Monster Sports Muesli For Active Bodies Our Sports Muesli was originally developed to help rowers with performance and recovery. It's packed with grains for complex carbohydrates to give you energy, and seeds for protein. We've also added quinoa to boost your iron and protein levels. Lightly dried in golden syrup to make it naturally tasty, it's a perfect way to start your day, and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Monster Health Food Co. is an all-Australian family business. We've been producing real, great tasting, healthy grain-based food since 1993. We only use 100% Australian grains and we don't roll them to within an inch of their lives like the big brands do. This is real, genuine, well-balanced muesli without the over-processing. Most mueslis take out fat but load up with sugar to compensate, or vice versa. What makes our muesli so uniquely good for you is it's balanced taste. There is a healthy balance of fat, salt and sugar in here. It's what we believe in, and why our muesli is the best. Try it and you'll see what we mean. It's so good it's frightening!

Contains Allergen

Gluten, Oats, Wheat, Barley


Rolled Oats, Rolled Barley, Rolled Triticale, Golden Syrup, Rolled Wheat, Bran (Nass), Sunflower Seeds, Papaya Dried Diced [Papaya, Sugar, Citric Acid, Sulphur Dioxide (220)], Pepitas, Puffed Rice, Linseeds, Buckwheat, Quinoa - Grain, Oat Bran.


Health Food Co Monster Sports Muesli For Active Bodies

  • With Chia & Quinoa
  • Nut Free
  • Kosher (Certified by Kashrut Authority)




Store in a cool dry place. refrigeration will ensure maximum quality and freshness up to the specified best before date.

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