Monjay Mezza Garlic Dip 200g

$2.50 ea
  • Monjay Mezza Garlic Dip 200g
  • Monjay Mezza Garlic Dip | Harris Farm Online

Monjay Mezza Garlic Dip 

This creamy Garlic Dip is a simple, delicious dip that compliments any cheese and bread platter, and makes the perfect spread for wraps and rolls.

It also makes a delicious alternative to tomato sauce, spread over a pizza base and sprinkled with cheese. Try it added to pasta instead of minced garlic. or even as a simple dip for grilled meats such as our moreish kafta. Great on wraps and rolls, or as a compliment to any BBQ. It's the perfect partner to a cheese board or bread sticks, and mixed into salads for a quick burst of flavour.

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