McClure s Pickles Sweet and Spicy Crinkle Pickles 500g

$6.00 ea

McClure's Pickles Sweet and Spicy Crinkle Pickles

Using as much local produce as possible when it is in season and when it's not, the McClure's brothers will call up the farms and speak directly with the growers to know where the produce is coming from and how it is being grown making sure they are getting some of the best, freshest produce available. Every jar is hand packed and all products are all-natural, gluten-free (pickles, relish, Bloody Mary, all-natural chips, brine), and kosher certified (Michigan Kosher Supervisors, OU).

Packing a punch, these Sweet and Spicy Crinkle Pickles bring the heat and make a signature sandwich! They don't mess around with the heat, so get ready for a flavorful and delicious snack.

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