Madura Green Teabags x50 75g

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  • Madura - Tea - Greentea | Harris Farm Online
  • Madura - Tea - Greentea | Harris Farm Online



Product Claims

Excellence In Tea


Madura Green Tea Tea quality from any country varies with the seasons. Only through masterful blending can consistency be achieved. The perfect cup of tea starts with the perfect blend of the finest teas available. Madura Green Tea is a selection of exotic, China style green teas from Asia, enhanced with our own Australian sub-tropical estate teas, producing a uniquely refreshing tea most suited to the western palate. Product Features - A natural beverage. Contains No tannic acid, artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. Tea contains antioxidants, some of which are unique to tea - Independently tested in Australia for purity and caffeine levels to extend protection to our consumers - Sealed in barrier film on our estate to ensure freshness and quality - Where practical, we choose recyclable and use recycled packaging - Formulated and packed in Australia by an Australian family Company using meticulously selected imported and local components Madura Tea Estates is situated in sub-tropical northern NSW, Australia, in a world heritage area of pristine rainforest, unpolluted rivers and streams, of eco-sensitive farming and care for the environment. With a knowledge of tea spanning many generations and countries we are proud to be Australian leading specialist tea producer.


Excellence in Tea


As we use superior leaf grades, not dust, please use fresh, slightly cooled, boiled water and brew for 4 minutes, or less, as suits your palate. Ideal any time of day or night, consumed hot or cold, with or without a slice of lemon, lime or a sprig of mint. Taken without milk.

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