Lurpak Garlic Butter 125g

$3.50 ea
  • Lurpak Garlic Butter 125g
  • Lurpak Garlic Butter | Harris Farm Online

Lurpak Garlic Butter

"Set your senses alive with the great fusion of our creamy Lurpak® butter with the rich complex taste of garlic. Lurpak® with crushed garlic is the ideal combination, a match made in heaven. And in a handy compact 125g size its perfect just to simply slice off what you need and let the heat turn up in the kitchen.

Let Lurpak® garlic butter sizzle in your hot pan of seasonal veg, melt it into your hearty soup or spread it onto some freshly hand baked bread. Turn simple into glorious. The crushed garlic richness delivers in every savory creation you russle up in the kitchen. For people who love Good Food, Lurpak® makes it even better. Now sleeves up. Today we cook bold."

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