La Morena Black Beans Refried 440g

$4.29 ea
  • La Morena Black Beans Refried 440g
  • La Morena Black Beans Refried 440g

La Morena - Refried Black Beans


You shouldn’t be missing LA MORENA refried black beans since they are made by Mexican hands which give a homemade and unique flavor to accompany your favorite dishes and give your family the best in flavor and quality.


Beans are one of the most important foods of the national cuisine. As peppers, beans are a distinctive element of Mexican cuisine, with at least 8,000 years of history.

Although many people have discussed their origin, the archaeological evidence indicates that beans were grown in national territory.

LA MORENA has preserved the flavor and tradition of this delicious food in its products line to delight your palate.

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