Kommunity Brew Organic Kombucha Ginger and Turmeric 750ml

$5.99 ea

Kommunity Brew Organic Kombucha Ginger and Turmeric 

Whole ginger and turmeric root are steeped and boiled before mixing in with our powerful kombucha base. The result is a mild spice and earthy sour notes. This kombucha shows a light orange glow from the turmeric.

Kommunity Brew’s Kombucha is ALIVE and AUTHENTIC. There products need to be chilled to keep our beneficial bacteria alive, contain pure Kombucha, and are infused with only high-quality natural botanicals for flavour. There is nothing to hide...they make Kombucha the same way they did thousands of years ago, and the way you would still make it at home. It is FRESH, small batch quality. ​There Kombucha is also LOW SUGAR!​

Kommunity Brew beverages arrives with uncompromisable qualities:

  • ZERO Stevia, Erythritol or bloating sugar-alcohols
  • ZERO Preservatives or additives
  • Full strength kombucha, NOT watered down or ‘acidified’
  • 100% naturally fermented, without compromise
  • 100% Australian sourced packaging (glass, labels and boxes)

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