Jasper Coffee Ethiopia Whole Beans 250g

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  • Jasper Bean Coffee Ethi 250g , Grocery-Coffee - HFM, Harris Farm Markets
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  • Jasper Bean Coffee Ethi 250g , Grocery-Coffee - HFM, Harris Farm Markets
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  • Jasper Bean Coffee Ethi 250g , Grocery-Coffee - HFM, Harris Farm Markets
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Jasper Coffee


Exploration Adventure, Obsession in Every Cup Ethiopia Yirgacheffe In partnership with World Vision, we bring you this prized single origin coffee from Yirgacheffe. Growers and their families directly benefit from the Fairtrade price they receive for this sustainably grown coffee. Your purchase will also help support World Vision's work to change lives around the world. Choosing this coffee is one simple lifestyle choice you can make to help contribute to better living conditions for families who grow and pick this coffee and help them preserve old growth forests. Drink up your 'Yirgy' for a double delight indeed. Great for filter, plunger, stovetop and espresso! Who is Jasper Coffee? As an Australian owned business, Jasper Coffee roast and blend to perfection the highest quality Single Origin AA Grade Arabicas. We accept into our repertoire Only those distinctions of flavour, body, and aroma that excite our plate. Our search to explore the full potential of exotic origins and ethically sourced coffees has led us to every corner of the globe. This same spirit of Exploration, Adventure and Obsession finds its way into Every Cup of Jasper Coffee. To Explore & Indulge in more of our Addictively Excellent products or for your nearest stockist, visit www.jaspercoffee.com


Jasper Coffee Addictive Excellence Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Pronounced honey almond tastes, a rich smooth clean body, with luscious chocolate hints. Whole Beans

Kosher approved by the KA


Brewing Plunger: Use 1 dessertspoon of coffee per cup. Add hot water, not boiling. Stir till luscious crema rises, steep for 3-4 minutes, then plunge halfway. Wait 1 minute then plunge fully. Stovetop: Fill bottom chamber with cold water to safety valve. Fill basket with coffee to rim. Don't pack down. Screw top and bottom chambers together and sit stovetop on hot plate. When coffee bubbles up to the top chamber, turn heat down till the gentle flow finishes and pour. Drip Filter: Use 1 dessertspoon of Ground coffee in paper filter basket per cup of fresh water. Espresso: Fill coffee basket rim with correctly Ground fresh coffee. Tamp coffee firmly and twist to an even surface. Lock in handle and the shot should pour out evenly. Check our website for Espresso & milk frothing tips.


Use this tin-tie bag to store in a dry, dark and cool place. do not freeze or refrigerate.

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