Honest to Goodness Organic Coconut Butter 300g

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Honest to Goodness Organic Coconut Butter 

Organic coconut butter is a nutritious, melt-in-our-mouth spread made from 100% certified organic coconut flesh. Packed full of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and dietary fibre, coconut butter is a popular staple for those on paleo, keto and vegan diets. Commonly used in baked goods and raw treats or simply eaten straight from the jar!

It is made from 100% certified organic coconut flesh that is pressed with minimal processing and no additives so it retains all of the coconut's natural fibre, nutrients and healthy fats.

No GMO. No added sweeteners, flavours or preservatives.

Note: Coconut oil may separate and create a hard layer on the top of the jar. Simply warm in a water bath and stir to blend back together.

How To Use

If you can keep your spoon out of the jar, this versatile spread bursting with natural coconut flavour can be enjoyed on your toast, drizzled over granola, in baking, sauces like satay sauce, as a thickener to a curry, smoothie and even alcoholic drinks.

You can make your own coconut milk and cream by simply adding water.
For coconut cream, mix 2 parts coconut butter with 1 part water.
For coconut milk, mix 1 part coconut butter with 2 parts water.

Coconut butter is not cooking oil, so not suitable for high temp cooking like sautéing or frying.

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