Honest Polly Vodka 700ml

$50.00 ea

Honest Polly Vodka 

The seed was planted for the company in 2020, when Polly decided to create a brand of Gin and Vodka that was as trustworthy as she is. What Polly wants; Polly gets. And she wants clean and simple spirits with a bit of character. Life wasn’t meant to be easy, but our goal is to love, laugh and play in the sand or snow, or wherever we may go. Whether she wants to perch at home and relax or get out of the birdhouse after a long day for drinks on the fly, these affordable locally made spirits will do the trick.


A pure, clean Vodka distilled from the finest grains and pure water. This Vodka is an absolute cracker, neat, or in Polly’s favourite cocktail.


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