Herbs of Life Drinks Peach and Apricot Organic Kombucha 330ml

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  • Herbs of Life Drinks Peach and Apricot Organic Kombucha 330ml
  • Herbs of Life Drinks Peach and Apricot Organic Kombucha 330ml

Herbs of Life - Drinks Kombucha - Organic Spring Water - Peach & Apricot

Certified Organic raw kombucha brewed the traditional way.

Created with Blue Mountains Spring Water and REAL whole organic fruits & Spices for a unique soft taste.

Our kombucha is created with the 4 ingredients that genuine kombucha is made with;water, raw cane sugar, tea, and mother 'SCOBY' culture all fermented together. 

The result is a high quality Naturally carbonated kombucha!

handcrafted in the Blue Mountains Australia.

no Erythritol. no stevia. no concentrates. no flavouring essences. and no pasteurisation. 

taste the difference!


Traditionally made, naturally fermented cultured probiotic beverage. Quality fresh whole ingredients for best aroma taste and nutrition. Enjoy daily as part of your ritual for well being.

Ingredients: Blue Mountains Spring Water, Organic Raw Cane Sugar (food source for fermentation),*Organic Australian Peaches, *Organic Australian Apricots, Kombucha Culture, Organic Green Tea Leaf (single origin, fair trade), and Love.

*Denotes whole dried organic fruits, infused during fermentation, direct from farm to fermentation.

Keeping Kombucha
Kombucha is best kept refrigerated. We aim to bottle each batch to capture best level of fermentation to taste, so refrigerating it when you receive it will preserve this. Being naturally carbonated due to fermentation, if you leave it out of the fridge and depending how warm the ambient temperature is, you should expect it will become more effervescent and vinegary/sour to taste.

Alcohol Info
Kombucha fermentation is lactic acid fermentation not an alcoholic fermentation. The sole objective of kombucha ferment is to produce lactic acid and probiotics not ethanol - unlike beer, wine, or cider.

The only input that can vary ethanol is the initial sugar levels, and or the combination with other alcohol producing yeasts. Alcohol will not increase if left out of the fridge.

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