Hennessy Coffee Black Diamond Coffee Ground 250g

$9.99 ea

Hennessy Coffee Platinum Blend Coffee Ground

Hennessy Coffee is a 100% Australian family-owned business boasting the passionate coffee lover John Hennessy at the helm, championed by wife and business partner Christine and a talented team who love the hospitality scene and are very customer focused, they are energised by results

Amazing Body, with depth & complexity followed by caramel sweetness, dark chocolate & raisin notes.

Costa Rican Rainforest Alliance beans blended with premium New Guinean and Indian beans give this blend a distinctive taste, rich in flavour and low in acidity.

Its full body will never disappoint. The medium roast gives a thick, long-lasting Créma creating an earthy flavour on the palate. An excellent, premium quality coffee for any occasion.

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