Greencane Toilet Paper 4 X 300 sheets

$5.40 ea

Greencane - Toilet Paper

Our Paper Saves Trees

By choosing Greencane toilet paper, tissues and paper towels you are making a sustainable choice and valuing our environment. Our plastic-free products are made using fast-growing bamboo and recycled sugarcane, limiting the destruction of soft-wood forests that are often used in traditional paper products. 

Bamboo & Sugarcane are 100% Biodegradable

And has an extremely low environmental impact compared with the harvesting destruction of soft wood forests which results in high impact to birds and animals, and causes extensive land scarring.

Saying NO to plastic.

Our packaging commitment is to be Plastic Free and 100% biodegradable. For our packaging we use a combination of cardboard and paper, and a clear cellophane which is a plant based material able to be composted.

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