Grandma Wild Fruit and Lemon Biscuits Garden Pink Garden Poppies Tube 200g

$15.99 ea

Grandma Wild Fruit and Lemon Biscuits Garden Pink Garden Poppies Tube

Grandma Wild’s Fruit & Lemon Biscuits Pink Floral Tube makes a wonderful gift for someone special. The tube is covered with a variety of different flowers with a pink background as well as a few tools and the names of the flowers.

Made using the best ingredients and sure to be a delicious treat for the family. These crunchy cookies are packed full of zesty lemon flavour combined with juicy, sweet currants for a perfectly balanced biscuit.

Sure to impress your guests or a delightful gift for any biscuit lovers in your life.

Suitable for Vegetarians.


This product is exclusively available during the Christmas period.

Offer subject to availability & while stocks last

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