First Press Iced Coffee Almond Milk 350ml

$4.20 ea

First Press Iced Coffee Almond Milk No Added Sugar at Milk

The specialty coffee is cold dripped. The almonds are Australian-born. Put the two together and you’ve got a whole lot of First Press personality in a carton. No add-ons needed. Just a delicious, smooth dairy free brew with the perfect coffee hit.

This delicious, vegan-friendly brew is made with 100% Australian grown almonds and single origin Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified coffee.


Filtered water, cold drip coffee, almonds (tree nuts), coconut sugar, acidity regulator (dipotassium phosphate), stabilisers (gum acacia, gellan gum), sunflower lecithin, natural flavour

  No Dairy, No Refined Sugar No Gluten & GMO-Free 

  Vegan Friendly 

  Made with sustainably sourced coffee 

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