Fabbris Salami Cacciatore Hot 400g

$15.99 ea
  • Fabbris Smallgoods - Salami Cacciatore - Hot | Harris Farm Online
  • Fabbris Smallgoods - Salami Cacciatore - Hot | Harris Farm Online

Fabbris Smallgoods - Salami Cacciatore - Hot

Fabbris Smallgoods are a specialty smallgoods company. We distribute our product range nationally (and to New Zealand) to a host of quality.

Our products, which appeal to the more gourmet of consumers, are unique due to our strict manufacturing procedures and purchasing standards.

Our manufacturing procedures are very hands-on and have come about from three generations of experience in the smallgoods industry. We strive to maintain that rustic and authentic taste throughout our entire product range. We will not compromise quality therefore we only purchase from select suppliers who understand the importance of quality and consistency, with whom we have a close working relationship.

We only use Australian Pork in all of our products and are a licensee of Australian Pork Limited.

We are also licensed and audited by Primesafe Victoria for the manufacture, storage and distribution of smallgoods. The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) based food safety system of Fabbris Smallgoods ensures control and documentation records at each phase of production.

Fabbris Smallgoods will constantly strive to evolve with Australia’s developing palates whilst maintaining traditional flavours.

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