Doggylicious Doggy Cookies Calming 180g

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  • Doggylicious Doggy Cookies Calming 180g
  • Doggylicious Calming Cookies 180g | Harris Farm Online

Doggylicious Calming Cookies

You humans love to put us dogs through stress, so that’s why we developed these amazing calming cookies. They contain L-Theanine which reduces anxiety during stressful events and promotes relaxation without sedation.

These cookies were created for when you humans just up and leave for that place called “work”, how do we know when we will see you again? We need them when our football team is losing on the TV and we need them when we don’t get to see the end of the Netflix series because you want to go to bed! We need these cookies in any stressful time.

INGREDIENT DECK: Sunflower seeds, pepita seeds, organic coconut flour, peanut butter, honey, hemp seeds, egg, organic coconut Oil, L-Theanine.

Contains: Peanuts. May Be Present: Other Tree Nuts, Sesame.

Grain Free
Gluten Free
Suitable for humans
10mg of L-Theanine per cookie

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