Dibble Mayo 300g

$5.99 ea
  • Dibble Mayo 300g
  • Dibble Mayo 300g

Dibble - Mayo Sauce - Sustainable and Plant-Based 

The perfect partner for a mushroom and watercress panini or drizzled over Mexican grilled corn *drool*, when compared to an average jar of egg-based mayonnaise, our thick and creamy plant-based Mayo has 36% less fat AND saves 83L of water. The stuff condiment dreams are made of.

Free From: Egg, Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Nuts, GMO, Cholesterol.

Vegan Friendly



Dibble is on a mission: to produce delicious, sustainable foods while creating greater awareness of the long-term effects today’s food can have on tomorrow’s environment.


We’re an Aussie food company producing game-changing sustainable foods, right here in Sydney! As purveyors of plant-based foods, we’re here to prove you can make a difference, and it all begins with a simple jar of mayo or aioli. 


Did you know it takes 83L of water to produce just the egg-content in an average jar of traditional mayonnaise? Crazy, huh! That’s why instead of eggs, the Dibble crew use aquafaba – the water leftover from cooked chickpeas – to make the most delicious, plant-based mayonnaises and aioli.

But we don’t just talk-the-sustainability-talk, we also walk-the-walk… While most restaurants normally toss this liquid gold, Dibble has been working with local businesses to collect their unwanted aquafaba, which means we’re helping reduce waste AND create delicious, sustainable products. Goals.

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