Dave's Market Picks Fruit and Veg Box XL

Dave's Market Picks Fruit and Veg Box XL

$85.00 ea

Dave's Market Picks Fruit and Veg Box XL will be ever changing due to current market availability. You'll get the best balance of value and quality in this perfectly selected offering of the market's very best.


3 Broccolini Bunches
2 Red Capsicum
2 Green Capsicum
1kg Carrots
1 Cauliflower
1 Fennel
2 Brown Onion
1kg Imperfect Sweet Potatoes
6 Pink Lady Apples Large
4 Hass Avocado Large
1 Rockmelon
1 Blood Orange
2 Cara Cara Orange
4 Navel Oranges Large
6 Packham Pears
1 Red Papaya
1kg Dutch Cream Potatoes
1kg Tomatoes Imperfect
1kg Black Zucchini Imperfect
1kg Hickson Mandarins Imperfect 
1 Passionfruit Net x10




    My pick this week is the nets of passionfruit we have in our shops. They are super sweet to munch on as a snack, and combined with papaya or berries with a dash of yogurt make a fantastic breakfast! Passionfruit flush twice a year, and it's happening this week and probably over the next fortnight. These nets of passionfruit are similar to our imperfect range, and thus far cheaper than the individual pieces of fruit we sell all year around. It can't last, so grab a net or two this week, they will keep in the fridge for a fortnight or more. The price always skyrockets as this flush ends, which it will do very soon! 


    There are some great things happening in the markets this week in citrus. Seville oranges are now available and make delicious marmalades, Cara Cara and blood oranges are also increasing in volumes as their respective seasons gain momentum. Navel oranges are also eating better every week as we move into the better eating varieties. There are good volumes of apples in the markets, and this week we are  promoting Pink Ladies which is our most popular selling apple by the proverbial mile! It is a high quality season for apples and this week’s pinks we have on promotion reflect that at a bargain price. Papaya from far North Queensland is still available, and in strong volumes with their eating quality amazing.

    There are plenty of great opportunities in the markets this week. Cauliflower volumes have increased as three growing regions - Bathurst in NSW, Victoria and Queensland - are currently harvesting. The cooler temperatures mean that the cauliflowers are perfectly snow white. Baby broccoli and fennel are terrific in both supply and price this week. Supply of red and green capsicums are strong, and quality great, and Imperfect zucchini represent great value. Dutch cream potatoes from Tasmania are on again this week; a magnificent yellow flesh potato, they are extremely versatile, good for roasting, chipping or mashing. I like to make delectable gnocchi with my Dutch creams... soft creamy pillows bursting with flavour, I’m salivating just writing about it!

    – David Harris
    Contents updated 7:30 on 21/07/2021
    *The Box pictured is for illustration purposes and may contain different/varying products. Contents are subject to change due to current market availability.