Dasher and Fisher Ocean Gin 500ml

$99.99 ea

Dasher and Fisher Ocean Gin

This pristine and mouth-watering coastal Gin expression got the Dasher + Fisher show on the road. Distiller George Burgess uses a multi-varietal, high proof (96%) grape spirit--preferred for its "superior mouthfeel". Infused into this layered base is 12 botanicals, both foraged and farmed. These include wakame seaweed, Tasmanian pepperberry, local lavender, rose, chamomile, and orris root.

On the nose, the juniper is dialed back so the subtle and elegant notes of the wakame seaweed and Tasmanian pepperberry can march to the fore, bringing a wonderful ocean spray, rich with iodine and oily, umami sweetness. The palate is luxuriously silky, shot through with refreshing tangy notes. The juniper is more prominent in the mouth and plays with the same characters we found on the nose as well as some floral, jasmine and rose-like elements. The finish is creamy, detailed and impeccably saline/fresh, making this Gin perfect for a dry Martini. It also makes a wonderful, complex G&T using premium tonic and garnished with fresh radish slices.

Country - Tasmania, Australia
Bottle Size - 500ml
ABV - 42%

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