Chopin Potato Vodka 700mL

$76.99 ea

Chopin Potato Vodka


All spirits are not created equal. One of the reasons Chopin’s spirits are Superior can be explained in one word Taste.

CHOPIN POTATO VODKA is the world’s most awarded potato vodka. Its uniquely creamy and full-bodied flavour profile makes it a great standalone vodka, ideal for sipping neat or in martinis and cocktails.

TASTING PROFILE > Chopin Potato Vodka has an alluring nose with subtle notes of vanilla, green apple and fresh soil. It is creamy and well-rounded with a reassuring earthiness and long, clean finish, no burn.

HOW TO ENJOY > Chopin Potato Vodka is best enjoyed on the rocks, neat, or as an excellent base for cocktails. Try it in a blue cheese martini.

PRODUCT DETAILS >  Naturally gluten-free  Naturally-grown without chemicals or pesticides Locally sourced  Family farmed  Superior ingredients  Great tasting  Hand crafted from farm to bottle Small batch  Seasonal production  Ingredients are pure and pronounceable Potatoes + water + yeast  4 x distilled in original copper column  40 Potatoes go into a 700ml bottle 6 + months from farm to bottle process

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