Cheese POP Gouda Cheese 65g

$5.49 ea
  • Cheese POP Gouda Cheese 65g
  • Cheese POP Gouda Cheese 65g
  • Cheese POP Gouda Cheese 65g

Cheese POP - Gouda (65g)

  • 100% cheese, No additives
  • Surprisingly crunchy
  • No carbohydrates & gluten free
  • Ideal as a snack for adults and children
  • Perfect as an ingredient on salads, soups or pasta
  • Made with original Gouda and Emmental

Innovative product

Cheesepop is a unique snack made from a single ingredient: cheese! No additives! Respect for nature and the taste of a pure and honest product. Innovative is the way Cheesepop is produced. The cheese is cut, dried and then freshly popped. This new manufacturing method creates a unique pop with a powerful cheesy taste.

Gouda cheese

The city of Gouda is the cradle of Dutch cheese. It is therefore not surprising that Gouda cheese is acclaimed throughout the world for its quality. A Cheesepop is a product whose only ingredient is this first class cheese. The unique and pure taste of cheese is a strong feature of the pops.

When Cheesepop?

Quirky but versatile. Cheesepop is ideal for various occasions and uses.

As a luxury cocktail snack

Party or drinks? Surprise your guests with this unique snack. Cheesepop is the perfect accompaniment to a glass of red wine and lends an exciting twist to sparkling wines. In addition this luxury cocktail snack comes in an eye-catching pack. A welcome guest at any successful soirée.

As a culinary extra

Raise your meals to a higher level with Cheesepop. The pure Gouda cheese taste will give some oomph to your salads and add a little extra to your soups. Perhaps your meal requires some creativity. The pops are great as a culinary decoration on your plate or bowl. Cheesepop is also a delicious after-dinner treat on a hearty cheese board.

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