Carl Jung Rose De Alcoholised Rhein Germany 750ml

$8.99 ea

Carl Jung De Alcoholised Rose Rhein, Germany

Carl Jung has been making de-alcoholic wines for over 110 years. Carl Jung de-alcoholised wines use a process patented in 1908 that closely retains the taste and characteristics of wine but removes most of the alcohol.

The process of gently removing the alcohol is currently accomplished by the modern technique of vacuum distillation. These are originally made as traditional fermented alcoholic wines and then have been de-alcoholised, therefore, they are still considered “wine.” These do not taste exactly the same as alcoholic wines, but can be enjoyed with or without a meal as a pairing or in situations where you may want to experience a product similar to wine.

A beautiful rich pink wine with a slightly pettillant taste. Good nose with a medium finish. Served chilled it would be a perfect Summer drink. A delicate fruit flavour and would go well partnered with your favourite cheese and light pate.

Tasting notes: Light-bodied, aromatic nose with notes of strawberry and rhubarb, quite a dry finish

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