Campbells Muscat Rutherglen VIC Case 12 x 375ml

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Campbells Muscat Rutherglen VIC

Bright amber gold with copper tints. Fresh raisin fruit backed by subtle oak characters.


Luscious mouth filling raisined fruit combined with the oak flavours to produce a wine of great length.

The grapes are left until late in the season to achieve optimum ripeness, ensuring maximum fruit flavour and a high degree of natural sweetness. Selected parcels of the finished wine are then added to the Rutherglen Muscat solera which is a blend of a number of vintages from many past years. Wine can only be withdrawn from this solera when it matches exactly with the previous withdrawal thus ensuring the quality and consistency of style.

The Grapes: Muscat a petit grains rouge (locally known as Rutherglen Brown Muscat) from Campbells Rutherglen vineyards.

Alcohol: 17.5%

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