Brix Australian Spiced Rum 700ml

$71.00 ea

Brix Australian Spiced Rum 

Born in Surry Hills, amongst Sydney’s vibrant creative hub, Brix Distillers is an award-winning urban distillery on a mission to reinvent Australian Rum. Handcrafted through small-batch production, Brix uses only the highest quality ingredients, sourcing native or local whenever possible, and the finest barrels to create their well-rounded and complex range of Rums.


To create Brix Spiced Rum we steep fresh mangoes, roasted macadamias, Native Australian lemongrass, grapefruit peel, vanilla pods & cinnamon in our red wine cask matured Rum to develop intense flavour & bold aromas.

Our Head Distiller Shane Casey designed this infusion profile with the vision that every ingredient has purpose and place.

It's a full bodied Spiced Rum that balances bright citrus upfront, sweetness, and a lingering depth of spice on the palate.

ABV - 40.8%

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