Bottled Culture Sauer Kraut 450g

$16.99 ea
  • Bottled Culture - Sauer Kraut | Harris Farm Online
  • Bottled Culture - Sauer Kraut | Harris Farm Online
  • Bottled Culture - Sauer Kraut | Harris Farm Online

Bottled Culture Sauer Kraut

Bottled Culture is our brand – we bottle our harvest with live cultures!

Each bottle is hand made in small batches, featuring fresh organic produce, mixed with delicious spices and seasoning, and traditionally lacto-fermented to increase flavour, nutrition and shelf life!

What is lacto-fermentation?
Lacto-fermentation is a traditional form of preservation using lactic acid bacteria (LAB) to preserve and enhance food. The fermentation process creates beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and various strains of probiotics.

This means fermented foods have MANY health benefits including :

aiding digestion
supporting immune function and gut health
removing toxins
increasing digestibility and vitamin content of food
adding good bugs (probiotics) to your gut

Sourcing ingredients
We would like to be growing 100% of the produce for our products but it’s hard to find the time to do everything! We currently grow about 50% of the vegetables, herbs and fruits that we use and supplement with produce from other trusted local farmers who we know are also growing organically. When we can’t source locally we buy certified organic produce from the Sydney organic markets, but we love supporting other local growers first. Our aim is to eventually have everything grown on farm or within 50km of our farm!

We source the highest quality certified organic dried ingredients from reputable Australian suppliers.

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