Black Gold - Raw Cacao Powder (125g)

$6.29 ea
  • Black Gold - Raw Cacao Powder (125g)
  • Black Gold - Raw Cacao Powder (125g)
  • Black Gold Raw Cacao Powder 125g , Grocery-Cooking - HFM, Harris Farm Markets

Black Gold - Raw Cacao Powder 

Black Gold Cacao has established a reputation internationally for growing and supplying the finest Criollo Cacao. This ‘Cacao Fino de Aroma’ is farmed by hand on the Velasquez family farm in Ecuador in the South American Amazon.

The Criollo makes up the top eight percent of cacao beans in the world and it’s sought after by leading chocolate connoisseurs for the creation of premium cacao products. Black Gold Cacao is prized for its smooth, non-bitter and slightly fruity flavor, it’s delectable aroma and pure chocolate taste.

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