Birch and Waite Green Goddess Dressing 250ml

$5.99 ea

Birch & Waite - Dressing - Green Goddess

Aromatic Combination

A highly aromatic combination of herbs with garlic, lemon juice and fresh yoghurt. Green Goddess will lift any leafy salad with its stunning vibrant green hue and clean and zesty flavour.

Made in Australia from 93% Australian ingredients
Fresh Chilled
No Added Preservatives
Gluten Free
Ovo-lacto vegetarian

Plant Based

    Water, canola oil, lemon juice (14.5%), sugar, vinegar, Dijon mustard, garlic (2.7%), salt, herbs (1.5%), colours (carotene, chlorophyllin copper complex), citrus fibre, vegetable protein, onion, vegetable gum (xanthan), spices.

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