Belladotti Salad Toppers Vegan Bacon Bits Crunchy Bacon Flavour Sprinkles 100g

$5.49 ea

Belladotti Vegan Bacon Bits Crunchy Bacon Flavour Sprinkles

Bacon Bits are deliciously crunchy, with a slightly smokey flavour, and are made from flour-based, mini-croutons (or sprinkles), naturally coloured with beetroot – so you can safely enjoy all the flavour and crunch of bacon, but know that they are vegan.

Bacon Bits are a delicious, quick & easy way to add tasty, vegan, bacon flavour and crunch to your salads, in seconds.

Simply pour over Caesar Salads, pasta salads, mashed potato, devilled eggs, quiches, sandwiches, pizza’s and more, for added flavour, colour and crunch.

All natural, with no added MSG and available in retail or wholesale sizes, we know that once tried, you will be back for more…. and more.

* Vegan
* Naturally flavoured
* No added MSG

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